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In the morning of May 30th, the drilling mud pump of Luojia Well 24 was monitored to carry out operation status monitoring.


Since the drilling mud pump is an important part of the drilling machinery and equipment, its operating state is related to the safety and progress of the entire drilling operation, the engineering construction project department attaches great importance to the construction of a dual supervision and guardianship line with the drilling company, and the joint facility engineering center and our personnel monitor the status of the 3 mud pumps.


The facility engineering center shall fully communicate with the engineering construction project department, sort out the risk control measures and the operation process of our personnel entering the drilling site, clarify the scope and content of monitoring operation on the premise of ensuring operation safety, and make a work plan in advance. The two sides cooperated closely to successfully complete the condition monitoring of the drilling mud pump of Well Luojia 24, and formed an analysis report after completion, providing data reference for mastering and understanding the overall performance of the mud pump.

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